• Nursery Art Made Easy (2/21/2019)

    If you are looking for a unique addition to a nursery, or a unique gift for a baby, this is the video for you! Nursery art made easy with step by step instructions. Make a unique piece of wall decor for a nursery or a shower gift that will surly impress! #uniquebabygift #nurseryart #DIYnursery #DIY #upcycle #babyshower #babyshowerideas #nurserywallart #nurserydecor #shabbychic #shabbychicnurseryart #babygift #DIYmadeeasy
  • Rocking Horse Restoration (2/4/2019)

    Check out this DIY on a rocking horse restoration. I rescued this rocking horse from going to the curb. I had some different ideas on how to make the mane and tail. Watch the video on how I brought this horse back to life. #farmhousepaint #curbrescue #happycreationsbyjessiemae #thejessiemaeway #happycreationsbyjm #rockinghorse #littlegirlsroom #nurserydecor #uniquegift #babyshower #photoprop #upcycling #DIY #fortheprincess #shabbychic
  • Give me some Bling (on fabric) (1/24/2019)

    Can you say bling??? This is a cool video on how to stiffen fabric and add some bling. It is as easy as it looks, you just need to know the best products and tricks to do it right. Watch the video and stiffen your own fabric for a cool project! I have several projects coming up that needed some stiffened fabric, so I thought, why not do a DIY video.
    I found the cool product Stiffy at Joann’s Fabric & Craft store. I needed some of the fabric to sparkle, so instead of trying to find pink sparkly fabric, I decided to make it myself. The key to the sparkle to stay on the fabric, is to use FINE glitter. I used Martha Stewart, brand, but any fine glitter will do.. The key to the glitter adhering, is to sprinkle on the glitter, while the fabric is still wet, after all the air bubbles are out. Do not try to remove air bubbles after you have sprinkled the glitter, it will ruin the process.
    Have fun with your fabric, I sure did! Stay tuned to to see what’s coming up with my cool stiffened fabric! SHOW MORE
  • The Transformation (1/23/2019)
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    I have had this hutch since the early 90’s. We did a dining room makeover and the hutch stuck out like a sore thumb.  New furniture is expensive, so… I had this idea to paint it blue to match my mother-in-law’s antique dishes she gave me. The dishes are about 45 years old.  My mother-in-law had a bed and breakfast in Germany. It amazes me how the dishes are still in such good shape. We love using these antique dishes in our everyday life,!
    Though My mother-in-law and my hubby both thought I was crazy! I decided to go for it. I used blue and white chalk paint. The blue matched the dishes very well. I thought the inside needed paint too, to cover all the oak look. It wasn’t too easy painting the inside but the outcome was worth it. I used a wax to seal the paint.
    It was time to paint the doors… I really am not a fan of the style of glass in the doors, so I decided to just leave them off. Patching holes is really not that hard. I was so curious to see what the family would think. And once again, I showed them that I know what I’m talking about..(ha,ha). My hubby and his mom both loved it. (Thank God!)
    I guess what I’m saying… Before you spend a ton of money, transform a piece you already have. The time and resources you spend is well worth it. The way I look at it, I can spend that money on vacations instead of new furniture.
  • How to Survive a College Graduation (1/2/2019)

    Read my ‘HOW TO’ on surviving a college graduation. In this blog post, you will learn how to make your family’s special day go a lot smoother! Most people are good at this sort of thing, and I thought I was one of them. However, there are a few things I learned that I really wish I had been better prepared for. #collegegraduation #aparentsguide #howtosurvive #mygraduate #collegegraduate #planahead #thebigday #beprepared #enjoythemoment #staywarm #theearlybirdgetstheworm

  • Garage Sale Find Makeover (12/23/2018)

    Check out this DIY video of an outdated coffee table/side table set!
    This living room set from the 1980s needed a makeover. The glass inserts are difficult to clean, and the wood was screaming for painting. After removing the glass and painting the set with Farmhouse Paint, it needed something else in the empty holes.
    Why not use reclaimed wood?? I painted the wood using chalk paint and Unicorn Spit and glued them right in!
    Instead of purchasing new living room sets, consider revamping what you already have! Flipping furniture is something I’ve been having fun with, especially seeing these older pieces get a new life! #happycreationsbyjessiemae #thejessiemaeway
  • Dresser Makevoer (12/12/2018)

    Once upon a time there was this beautiful dresser with a mirror. The dresser was so beautiful that I couldn’t bear to put any paint on it.
    So, I decided not to paint it. I put it in my space at the Indian River Antique Mall and it sat there for two months. Many admired it but it did not find a new home. So… with the help of my amazing hubby, I hauled it back home.
    I didn’t quite know what to do with this gorgeous dresser, because the wood is so amazing! And then…the light bulb came on. I didn’t want to lose the beauty of the wood and the flow of the drawers, so I took a chance and partially painted the dresser.
    I never really loved that mirror so I decided to lose it. The outcome paid off. I never thought I could love this dresser with paint on it…but Omgoodness, I AM IN LOVE!
    #dressermakeover #happycreationsbyjessiemae #farmhousepaint
  • So This Is Happening… (10/21/2018)
    I guess I’m starting a blog. This is way out of my (little) comfort zone, but I’m putting my big girl panties on and giving it a shot.
    I started my business when my reason for living went off to college. Lucky for me, she is a business major. And with all her knowledge she is helping her mommy out!
    test alt text
    Four years later…she is about to graduate, and I’m starting a blog.
    When I first started my business I had no idea what I was doing. I have learned a lot through trial and error. I have even put a few items in the bottom of the garbage. Now when things are not exactly going the way I want, I just realize it will be okay and don’t give up. It may not turn out the way I had wanted and sometimes it’s even better than I could have dreamed. Sometimes my biggest mistakes turn out to be my best work. Never give up is my new motto!
    My plan is to share DIY videos and great tips on creating some cool projects. I haven’t done this before so I can’t promise it will be perfect. But I am going to do my best, have some fun, and Never give up!
    I’m planning on posting weekly, so look out for some cool stuff coming your way. #happycreationsbyjessiemae #newblog #fingerscrossed

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