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Hi I'm Jessie! I'm the owner and artist behind Happy Creations By Jessie Mae. I paint, create novelty art, home decor, and upcycle furniture that just needs a little love!

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Feeling A Little (French) Country

French Country Featured

As someone working in the world of home decor, I’m constantly looking at new styles for inspiration. I’ve gone through beachy, farmhouse, and vintage phases. The newest style that’s caught my eye is French country. Let me tell you a little more about it, and why I’m starting to fall in love.

What Is French Country?

When I think of this style, I think about a more European inspired farmhouse. There’s a comparable use of white as the main color, but the pieces involved are more ornate, eclectic, and vintage. If you’re styling a room in your house in French country, you’ll most likely have a mix of natural wood and white furniture, muted colors, a healthy amount of grey/beige linen, and greenery/flowers. Your room will have plenty of natural light to highlight the brilliance of the whites, which are tuned perfectly with the unintrusive hints of color.

Here is a reference if you’re having a hard time visualizing the differences between farmhouse and French country:

French Country
French Country Style featured on Love Your Homes
Farmhouse style featured on North Carolina Yoga Girl

As you can see, they are VERY similar. You could arguably have a little hybrid of the two aesthetics without really trying. Some differences to point out:

  • Farmhouse utilizes more industrial fixtures and hardware. French country integrates more traditional, ornate pieces.
  • You’re more likely to find plaid/gingham in a farmhouse kitchen than you would in a French Country kitchen.
  • Greenery and florals are a must in both styles, and in my opinion they’re welcome in all styles.
  • The furniture (table, chairs, buffets) are more often straight lines and edges in a farmhouse setting. Whereas in French country, there is a flare to the furniture that signals the European inspiration of the look.

Thinking About Redecorating? 

After writing about it so much I certainly am. I may even paint my cherry kitchen cabinets white…don’t tell my husband I’m thinking about it!

If you’re interested in the idea of incorporating some fresh European feels into your home, you’re just in luck! My new booth at Uptown Vintage Market is showcasing this very style. I have a few beachy blue pieces of furniture that you’ll see, but soon it will be as if you walked into a lovely home in Provence, France. Everyday I’m working on new white pieces of furniture, elegant decor, and hand-picking pieces that scream FRENCH COUNTRY. 

Are you sold on the idea? Tell me what your favorite style is in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

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