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Happy Creations By Jessie Mae

Hi I'm Jessie! I'm the owner and artist behind Happy Creations By Jessie Mae. I paint, create novelty art, home decor, and upcycle furniture that just needs a little love!

I have started a Gourmet Pantry offering delicious products including tea, candy, bread, jelly, and more!

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Mon. - Sat.: 10am - 5pm ---- Sunday: 11am - 4pm 791 S. Babcock Street, Melbourne, Florida 32901 [email protected]

Sneak Peek: Vintage Postcard Projects

Postcard Featured Image

There’s something special about vintage postcards. They have so much history, art, and love poured into them. I started collecting postcards and selling them a couple years ago, and I’ve been working on incorporating them into my happy creations! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the projects I’ve been working on:

1. Wood Transfers

One postcard project I’ve been playing with is transferring the image of a postcard onto painted or stained wood! It can be a difficult process, but the look is well worth it. After successfully transferring the image onto wood, I’ve started to think about other ways I can incorporate this method into my furniture makeovers. Stay tuned to see if I can make that happen!

2. Digital Art

One advantage to having these postcards in the 21st century means I can produce high quality scanned images of them. To be able to have these beautiful works of art to play with in creating digital art has been a pleasure. Some of my favorites are the Christmas postcards that I can blow up and place in a custom painted frame. I can’t wait to get that going again when the Holiday season returns! Lord knows it will be here before we know it.

3. Hand Towels

Everyone loves a decorative hand towel. Whether you’re putting it in your guest bathroom or displaying it proudly on your oven door, a well placed hand towel can bring you so much joy. That’s exactly why I’ve been working on my very own hand towel designs. These will feature both images that I have composed myself as well as images of, you guessed it, my vintage postcards! I’ve made some in the past, but I’m working towards making these a regular item in my shops. 

Are You Ready For This??

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love these vintage postcard projects! I get so much joy from my work, especially when I can be my most creative self. Thank you for taking the time to pop in, and I can’t wait to share these new projects with you!

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